Dixie IP / Netzing

Dear Valued Customers,

  We are writing to let you know Netzing/DixieIP has sold its business to further ensure you continue to get the best customer service, Internet capacity and experience for many years to come. We have sold to Southern Utah’s premier Internet service provider, InfoWest.  

 We are truly grateful for your patronage. Most of our efforts since we started the company were spent upgrading equipment and improving service in hard to reach areas. Now with this transition, you will continue to see improvement including the enhanced resources InfoWest will provide to boost your Internet experience now and into the future. We thank you for your patience during our growth periods and want you to know that your support is what made this company what it is today. Your support of InfoWest will further allow you to see some amazing personal touches that they can provide.

  We kept you in mind the whole time when considering selling the company and we feel this is a very positive direction. You are in capable hands and we trust you will be taken care of. We will also be working closely with InfoWest over the next few months to make sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible.

  Please note that credit card transactions from here on out will start to say InfoWest on them. You may receive a phone call from InfoWest to update your billing information. This upcoming month you will be provided with additional details from InfoWest on the different payment options they accept.

To send payment by mail, send to:


148 E. Tabernacle

Saint George, Utah 84770

To contact customer service via phone: 435-674-0165

To contact customer service via email: support@infowest.com


The friendly staff at DIXIE IP and Netzing